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World of Warcraft Quest Guide: "Let Them Eat Crow"

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Feeding plaguehounds is no job for a mighty warrior of the Horde, is it? Everyone has to start somewhere, and those fresh off the Zeppelin from Tirisfal Glades are asked to help Pontius feed his dogs so they can be trained to sniff out enemy scouts in your midst.

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    Pontius, the kennel keeper at Vengeance Landing, has a problem. He’s been tasked with training plaguehouds to sniff out enemy scouts, but finds it difficult to train his dogs when they’re ravenous. Apparently the rations he’s been given them are not quite up to snuff, and he’s asked you to help him ensure that his hounds are adequately fed before he begins his instruction.

    A plaguehound will be put into your personal care, not to be returned until he’s dined on the local avian population and is completely sated.

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    World of Warcraft "Let Them Eat Crow" Quest

    Pontius of Vengeance Landing You’ll find Pontius, his faithful hound Fiend, and a couple of caged plagehounds near the Eastern edge of Vengeance Landing in Eastern Howling Fjord. Pontius is the local dog trainer and needs your help feeding his hounds.

    He will give you a cage containing one of his animals. Your job is simple, take it with you, kill some of the local crows, and make sure the dog gets enough to eat. You’ll have to feed him five pieces of crow meat to ensure he’s full enough to begin training.

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    A Murder of Crows

    Hungry Plagehound You’ll have to use the cage Pontius gives you to summon your plaguehound before you begin your hunt, but you can’t do so until you’re out into the vale surrounding Vengeance Landing. Head out of the settlement and use the cage in your inventory to get started.

    Your plaguehound is very, very hungry, and accordingly is perfectly willing to help you take down the local crow population. Once he’s summoned, he’ll assist you in battle against any birds, as well as pulling any who get too close, so be ready. The crows fly around overhead in the vale, so you’ll have to pull them with magic or ranged weapons or get close enough for your plaguehound to do it for you.

    Once they’re engaged, they’ll come low enough to engage in melee. The crows don’t put up much of a fight (especially when you’ve got a hungry dog helping you) and should die fairly quickly. The Crow Meat drops 100% of the time when your plaguehound is following you, so you should be able to wrap this one up fairly quickly.

    Feed your hungry puppy by right-clicking the Crow Meat in your inventory while he’s out and by your side. You’ll throw him a hunk of meat and he’ll grab it out of the air. Do this five times and you are ready to return to Pontius.

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    Return to Pontius

    When you bring your sated hound back to Vengeance Landing, Pontius rewards you with the ultimate compliment from a dog trainer, a hearty “good boy." The 20,000 experience points and four gold pieces aren’t a bad payment, either.

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