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World of Warcraft Beginner Race Guide – Undead

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Undead Scourge are a playable race in the MMO World of Warcraft. This guide provides information on strengths, classes and suggestions for playing the race.

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    Undead are one of the four original races of the Orcish Horde. The Undead live in the Ruins of Lordaeron, once a Human capital. While they have no allegiance to the Horde, they fight with them against their common enemy, the Lich King.

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    The Undead are a disfigured, rotton race of undead Humans. Their leader, the Banshee Sylvanis Windrunner, is an undead elf. Undead ride through their nightmarish land atop undead steeds and warhorses.

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    Undead don’t have a wide array of powerful racial abilities. Their first passive is Shadow Resistance, an ability that reduces the chance shadow spells will hit you by 2%. The second is Underwater Breathing. This ability increases your water breath by 233%. The Cannibalize ability lets you eat a nearby humanoid or undead corpse. While eating, you regenerate 7% of your maximum health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. The trump ability for the Undead is Will of the Forsaken. This ability removes any charm, fear, or sleep effect, usable while afflicted by such.

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    MAGE – Mage is a great choice for Undead. Will of the Forsaken coupled with Ice Block allows for several affliction negations. Against Warlocks, Mages need every fear break they can handle.

    PRIEST – Will of the Forsaken is a great ability for Priests. Able to break charm, fear and sleep while partying can save your groups life. A sleeping Priest can’t heal and that means death.

    ROGUE – Undead are amazing Rogues. Not only will Will of the Forsaken surprise and allow a fighting chance against fear, Cannibalize eliminates downtime while fighting undead or humanoids.

    WARLOCK – The Cannibalize ability lets Warlocks keep a nearly endless supply of mana with Life Tap. Will of the Forsaken allows for bad situations to be remedied. Overall a great choice for Undead.

    WARRIOR – Undead make excellent Warriors. Cannibalize will make cut downtime while fighting undead and humanoids. Will of the Forsaken is another fear break for Warriors and with it can defeat nearly any Warlock.

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    Tips and Suggestions

    Undead are a great race and have all good class choices. Warrior and Rogue Undead are especially nice because of the lack of downtime with cannibalize. Will of the Forsaken can save almost any PVP situation. Underwater Breathing is good for clamming.