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World of Warcraft Beginner Race Guide – Night Elves

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Night Elves are a playable race in the MMO World of Warcraft. This guide provides information on strengths, classes and suggestions for playing the race.

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    Night Elves are one of the four starting races for the Alliance. Night Elves hail from the city of Teldrassil. They have forsaken isolation on their island to help shape the world.

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    Night Elves are typical, immortal elves. Long pointy ears and dark skin characterize them. Night Elves prefer the darkness, as their namesake suggests. They are distrusting of all other races, which they refer to as “lesser".

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    Night Elves have a specialized and distinct set of racial abilities. The most useful is Shadowmeld. This ability allows the Night Elf to turn invisible until cancelled or movement. Quickness is a passive ability that increases the chance melee and ranged attacks will miss by 2%. Elusiveness reduces the chance to be detected while stealthed or Shadowmelded. Wisp Spirit is a unique ability that allows Night Elves to return to their corpse 50% faster after death. Nature Resistance is reduces the chance to be hit with nature spells by 2%.

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    DRUID – Every Night Elf racial is beneficial to Druids. Shadowmeld helps when in any form other than Cat. Elusiveness decreases the chance to be detected while stealthed in Cat Form. Quickness reduces the chance to be hit by attacks, and augments tanking in Bear Form.

    HUNTER – Shadowmeld opens many options for a Hunter. They gain massive advantages in any battle if they can attack first. Shadowmeld gives them that ability.

    PRIEST – Elusiveness increases the survivability of Priests. 2% less chance to be hit is a boon for any Priest. Shadowmeld keeps them from being targeted early in player versus player encounters.

    ROGUE – Night Elf Rogues gain an advantage over other rogues with Elusiveness. This ability can stack with Master of Deception, making them nearly impossible to detect. Quickness couples with Evasion to make Rogues extremely hard to hit.

    WARRIOR – Shadowmeld allows warriors to Charge enemies before they can be detected. A Warrior gains an advantage in battle when allowed to Charge first. Quickness reduces the damage Warriors take when tanking.

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    Tips and Suggestions

    Shadowmeld is an extremely useful ability. Be sure to choose a class that can take full advantage of it. Wisp Spirit takes a lot of the penalty out of death so don’t be afraid to die.