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World of Warcraft Beginner Race Guide – Draenei

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Draenei are a playable race in the MMO World of Warcraft. This guide provides information on strengths, classes and suggestions for playing the race.

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    The Draenei are a race of interplanetary demons, and the newest members of the Alliance. They arrived on this world when their ship crash landed on Azuremyst Isle. This ship, Exodar, is now their home city.

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    Draenei are blue, horned demons, and an unlikely race to join the Alliance. They brought a race of elephant-like creatures with them, called Elekks. These beasts are smaller than average elephants and are used as mounts. Draenei start on Azuremyst Isle.

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    Draenei racial abilities are diverse and unique. Gift of the Naaru is heal over time spell with a 1.5 second cast time and lasts for fifteen seconds. The amount healed increases based on level. This amount is also influenced by bonus spell damage and bonus healing. Also, this ability does not lose casting time from damage. Heroic Presence increases the chance to hit with spells and melee by 1%. This affects the entire party. Gem Cutting provides a five point bonus to the Jewelcrafting tradeskill. Shadow Resistance reduces the chance Draenei will be hit by Shadow spells.

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    HUNTER – Heroic Presence increases hit chance of both Hunter and pet, though only by 1%. Hunters have no healing abilities, making Gift of the Naaru a vital racial ability. Shadow Resistance reduces the chance you can be feared. Jewelcrafting is a useful tradeskill for any class, and Hunters can take full advantage of it.

    MAGE – Draenei Mages have no ability to heal outside of Gift of the Naaru. This increases the survivability of the Mage enormously. Heroic Presence increases spell hit chance by 1%. This enables Mages to concentrate more on equipment with spell damage rather than spell hit chance. Shadow Resistance is reduces the chance to be feared.

    PALADIN – The only racial that has any effect on Paladins is Gift of the Naaru. This allows the Paladin to heal even when out of mana. Heroic Presence and Shadow Resistance are helpful, but hardly noticeable. Gem Cutting is only useful for Jewelcrafters.

    PRIEST – Priests have even less of a use for Heroic Presence and Shadow Resistance. Gift of the Naaru is generally only used once a Priest is completely out of mana. Jewelcrafting is not a particularly Priest friendly profession.

    SHAMAN – Gift of the Naaru is very useful for Enhancement Shamans. This ability helps immeasurably with mana efficiency, especially while soloing. Enhancement Shamans often use slow two-handed weapons, the increased chance to hit helps not waste any swings.

    WARRIOR – Warriors with the ability to heal are forces to be reckoned with. Coupled with Heroic Presence, Draenei Warriors take full advantage of their racial abilities. Gift of the Naaru reduces downtime and increases survivability.

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    Tips and Suggestions

    Stay on Bloodmyst Isle. This is the most lucrative starting area available to the Alliance. Gift of the Naaru has only a three minute cooldown, so use it liberally. Jewelcrafting should also be considered for the five point bonus.