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What Can I Expect from Working on the Guardians Of Hyjal Faction?

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The Guardians of Hyjal are working to keep the New World tree and the mountain from falling to the Twilight Cult. Deathwing also works closely with the Cult, although his efforts do get thwarted if a player plays through the storyline.

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    I Thank Elune Each Day for the Apocalypse

    hyjal burning When a player reaches level 80 and has finished his time in Northrend, he should return to any of the Alliance or Horde Cities. A notice board tells adventurers about all the new opportunities available in the lands that the Cataclysm sponsored. The Mountains of Hyjal and the deep oceans of Vash'jir are the first zones where the various factions are looking for the help of Heroes.

    The Guardians of Hyjal watch over the mountain of the same name. The Cult of Twilight training grounds rest on the soil. Players who follow the lore know the Night Elves gave up their precious immortality during the final battle in Warcraft III. The new world tree, which did not work as intended, was a primary target of Deathwing as he rampaged through Azeroth.

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    Getting the Portal from Stormwind

    Hyjal cave entrance When a player finally encounters the Guardians of Hyjal in faction, he finds that he has come to the middle of a war zone. The first few quests involve fighting the elementals. The portal to the island in Stormwind opens shortly after a player gets the quest asking him to leave the first enclosure.

    As with any other quest line in Cataclysm, the quests proceed through a storyline. As you play through the quests of Mount Hyjal, you will awaken the ancients that faction needs to help resurrect demigods. Cenarius, killed by the orcs in Warcraft 3, will probably be the only ancient most players recognize.

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    Useful Guardians of Hyjal Faction Items

    Cenarius -- One of the People You Meet in Hyjal The first and most important thing for any player to get when he encounters the new World of Warcraft factions in Cataclysm is to buy the tabard. Unlike the Ramkahen, the Wildhammer Clan or Therazane, a player cannot get to exalted without using a Guardians of Hyjal tabard. Casters of any sort should buy the 333 gear score cape they earn honored status with the faction. The spirit on the Cloak of the Dryads means that it is intended to work as a caster cloak. DPS casters can get a better cloak when they earn revered status..

    Rogues and feral druids can buy the 333 gear score cloak at the same level. The faction vendor, sells an excellent tanking cloak available at the Exalted reputation and a good dps cloak, Shadow of Perfect Bliss. The vendor is in the building where a player first encounters the faction.

    The gear tends to favor leather wearers slightly, although Blizzard attempted to spread the faction equipment around. No World of Warcraft player can avoid the need to adventure into heroic dungeons and raids to improve his gear.

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    All references from World of Warcraft. Screenshots from World of Warcraft and Warcraft III.

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