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Guide to Improving Your Wyrmrest Accord Reputation

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This guide will give you an overview on how to increase your WoW Wyrmrest Accord rep using quests, dailies, and a tabard. You will also get a good idea of the rewards available to those with an impressive Wyrmrest Accord reputation.

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    Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft Factions and Reputations

    Make sure to check out the Ultimate Guide to World of Warcraft factions. You can find detailed guides on how to raise reputation, obtain rewards, and more with every major faction in World of Warcraft (WoW).

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    Start Increasing Your Wyrmrest Accord Rep with a Few Easy Steps

    No matter what class or level you are, your Wyrmrest Accord reputation is important to your gaming experience. As with any other WoW faction, you can increase your Wyrmrest Accord rep by completing quests, many of which are dailies. However, before you start running Wyrmrest accord dailies, you will need to unlock them by completing several quests.

    Complete the following quests to get on the fast track to improving your WoW Wyrmrest Accord rep, as most of these quests offer at least 250 rep each:

    · Cracking the Code

    · The Cell

    · No One To Save You

    · The Best of Intentions

    · Culling the Damned

    · Tales of Destruction

    · The Obsidian Dragonshrine

    · That Which Creates Can Also Destroy

    · On Ruby Wings

    · The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine

    · Mystery of the Infinite

    · The Key to the Focusing Iris (Alliance)

    · Heroic Judgment at the Eye of Eternity (Alliance)

    · Aces High!

    Before you complete a quest during your mission to obtain WoW Wyrmrest Accord rep, ensure that it will reward you the proper reputation first by checking this list.

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    Complete the Wyrmrest Accord Dailies

    Once you have completed most of the aforementioned quests, you will be able to unlock the daily quests. Wyrmrest Accord dailies are a great way to quickly get to Exalted status as you can do them everyday, and each one gives 250 rep points.

    Start with Drake Hunt, which you can pick up from Raelorasz in the Coldarra area of the Borean Tundra. This quest simply requires you to find a Nexus Drake Hatchling and bring it to Raeloraszat at the Transitus Shield.

    Defending Wyrmrest Temple Wyrmrest Temple starts in Dragonblight and can be picked up from Lord Afrasastrasz.This dragon-oriented quest involves the usual slayings, but does allow you the fun of riding a Wyrmrest Defender into the thick of a battle.

    Aces High! is the third daily that will garner Wymrest Accord rep points. You can grab this quest from Corastrasza in the Icecrown area of the Borean Tundra. Corastrasza is kind enough to let you borrow her dragon in this quest to aid your battle skills, and you've never had a pet quite like this, so have fun with it.

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    Get a Tabard from the Wyrmrest Accord

    INV Shirt GuildTabard 01 Once your gain a Friendly reputation with this faction, you can pick up a tabard for 1 gold from Cielstrasza, the Wyrmrest Accord quartermaster in Dragonblight. You will find her at the top of the Wyrmrest Temple, to the left.

    When you equip this tabard during level 80 dungeon runs, all reputation you gain will be applied towards the Wyrmrest Accord, rather than just the Horde Expedition or Alliance Vanguard. This is called championing, and it makes increasing your Wyrmrest Accord rep easier.

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    Rewards for Improving Your Wyrmrest Accord Reputation

    If you are level 80, or even close to it, you already know that new gear is always needed. The higher level the gear, the better. Having a chance to buy unique items, collect rare drops, and gain achievements are also all impressive rewards. Improving your WoW Wyrmrest Accord rep is the best way to meet your goals of new gear and high level achievements.

    Once you are Honored, the following are just some of the items you can buy:

    · Arcanum of the Eclipsed Moon-Head Enchant-Permanently adds 30 stamina and 25 arcane resist to a head slot item

    · Fang of Truth-One-handed Sword-Improves hit rating by 33 and increases attack power by 48

    · Bracers of Accorded Courtesy-Plate-Wrist-Improves haste rating by 22 and increases spell power by 46

    Once you become Revered, you can buy the following, to name a few:

    · Pattern: Mysterious Bag-Teaches you to sew a Mysterious Bag

    · Arcanum of Blissful Mending-Permanently adds 30 spell power and 8 mana every 5 seconds to a head slot item

    · Gavel of the Brewing Storm-One-handed Mace-Improves critical strike rating by 24, haste rating by 25, and spell power by 355

    Upon becoming Exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord, the following items are available to buy:

    · Legplates of Bloody Reprisal-Plate-Legs-Increases armor penetration rating by 90

    · Grips of Fierce Pronouncements- Mail-Hands-Restores 26 mana per 5 seconds and increases spell power by 77

    · Reins of the Red Drake – Allows you to summon a fast mount in Northrend or Outland

    You can also obtain the Wyrmrest Commendation Badge as a reward from Archmage Timear when you complete the daily dungeon quests. This increases your Wyrmrest Accord rep by 250.INV Misc Head Dragon Red 

    Find out all the rewards you can get with an improved reputation with the World of Warcraft Wyrmrest Accord here. You can purchase all of these rewards from the Wyrmrest Accord quartermaster Cielstrasza at the top of the Wyrmrest Temple.

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