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World of Warcraft – Mini Guide to Scryer Reputation Pt. 1

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/2/2012 • Leave a comment

In World of Warcraft, once you reach level 70, you no longer have quests to do to level. So, you instead focus on raising your reputation with either the Scryers or the Aldor so you can gain great weapons and armor. Here is your mini guide to gaining Scryer reputation so that you can swiftly gain

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    In the beginning...

    After you hit level 60 and you are able to head into the Outland, it will not be long before you have to choose between aligning yourself with either the Scryers or the Aldor. Those who choose to go with Scryer usually will do so for the critical strike ratings that the weapons, armor, spells, and jewels offer them. You will do quests for the Scryers, usually daily, for reputation and tokens, that will have you traveling all over Nagrand and the Terokkar Forest.

    Before you align yourself with them, here is a bit of the history that Blizzard has put in behind their faction: the Scryers themselves are from an ancient order of the Blood Elves, who are led by Voren'thal the Seer. He lives in Shattrath City, as do most of the Scryers. This group of elves detached from Prince Kael'thas and gave their alliance to the Naaru at Shattrath City, to help with the Naaru's war against the Aldor. The Scryers and Aldor are in an everlasting struggle for power in the city and the Scryers themselves are always trying to win favor with the Naaru. If you want to know more about the history behind the Scryers and Aldors, or the Naaru or Shattrath City, you can look on World of Warcraft's site or you can check the World of Warcraft Wiki.

    Now, back to the mini guide... any player that decides to align themselves with the Scryers will begin to be hostile toward the Aldors. Any time that you gain Scryer rep, your rep with Aldor will go down. Also, players that are Blood Elves will automatically be friendly with the Scryers, while those who are Draenei will automatically be friendly with the Aldors. Now, it does not matter if you want to change factions, you can easily do so just by doing the quests for the other side.

    When you get the Shattrath City the first time, and you do “City of Light", you will be given the choice of who you want to align your toon with. When you have aligned your toon with the Scryers, then you will start to gather the quests that you do for them for your reputation points. As you do these quests, you will gain reputation points that can then be traded for armor tokens, which will give you tier 4 and tier 5 gear. These tokens can be traded to either Arodis Sunblade or Veynna Dawnstarr in the Seer's Library that is on the Scryer's Tier.

    In the beginning, any player that is already a blood elf will automatically be friendly with the Scryers and hostile with the Aldor, just as draenei players will be friendly with the Aldor and hostile with the Scryers. Of course, this can be changed by doing quests for either side. Once you have completed the “City of Light" quest, you will be given the choice of which side to align your player with. Once you have aligned your character with Scryer and begin doing quests for reputation points with them, you can begin to turn in epic armor tokens for Tier 4 and 5 gear to either Veynna Dawnstar (the Keeper of Sha'tari Heirlooms) or Arodis Sunblade (the Keeper of Sha'tari Artifacts) who are both located in the Seer's Library in the Scryer's Tier.

    This is the end to the first part of this mini guide. In the next part, we'll go through the quests that you need to start off with and where to go from there.

WoW Mini Guide to Scryer Reputation

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