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World of Warcraft – Mini Guide to Scryer Reputation Pt. 2

by: MD Weems ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

In the first part to this Scryer's reputation mini guide, there was a bit of the history behind the Scryers and some basic information about where to go and how to start aligning a toon with the faction. The second part will tell some of the basics of starting out quests with the Scryers and where

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    How to become friendly...

    Now that you have aligned your toon with the Scryers and you have already found where you need to go to turn in reputation points and tokens, the first quest that you need to get is “Allegiance to the Scryers”. This quest will up your reputation with the Scryers by 3,500 points, which will automatically put you at friendly with them if you aren't already. Once this quest is done, you can then move on to the other quests that they offer for those who are friendly to the Scryers.

    Once you are friendly with them, you need to start gathering up and doing any quest that will raise your reputation with them. When you have completed these first few quests, you will then be able to get the daily quests that you do every day to continually raise your reputation with the Scryers. Some of these quests will have you get and turn in Firewing Signets, Sunfury Signets, and Arcane Tomes for reputation points with them, and others will have you gather certain amounts of items that you will turn in for reputation as well, like Dampscale Basilisk Eyes.

    To go from friendly to honored with the Scryers, you will need to turn in 10 sets of 22 Firewing Signets for that daily quest. To go from honored to revered with them, you will have to turn in 10 sets of 48 Sunfury Signets. To go from revered to exalted, you will have to turn in 10 sets of 84 Sunfury Signets. Of course, as you turn in these quests, you will gain reputation with them as well as money and sometimes other rewards. It is really easy to earn a ton of reputation points with the Scryers if you just do the daily quests that they offer you. Then, continue to turn in these signets as you do the daily quests, and you will find yourself exalted with them in no time at all.

    Ok, so where to you go to get the signets that you need? Well, the Firewing Signets can be gathered at Firewing Point in Terokkar Forest, which is east of Shattrath. Follow the road that leads out of the city and through Tuurem and then take the northern path. This will lead you directle to the point. Here, you will find mobs that you will grind for these Signets to help you become friendly with the Scryers if you aren't already.

    NOTE: If you did not do “Allegiance to the Scryers”, you can grind for these and turn them in until you are friendly, but after you hit friendly, you can't use them any longer to help your reputation. But, if you want to sell them, you can always find players who need them for their reputation with the Scryers.

    In the next part of this mini guide, we'll talk about where to go once you are friendly with the Scryers and how to up your reputation from there.

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